The training is oriented for those performing Design and Quality and Control for public, company or private Instrument Approach Procedures, Airways and Departure Procedures. This training is also useful for specialists and consultants working in aviation development and planning. The standards contained in TP 308/GPH 209 are used primarily by Transport Canada, NAV CANADA and the Department of National Defence. As well, third party procedure designers involved in the procedure design are using the same standards (TP 308/GPH 209). The courses offered by MDA AVIATION are approved by Transport Canada and meet the requirements of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CAR's).

The training provides the knowledge to design safe and efficient Airways and Instrument Approach and Departure Procedures. It also assists personnel involved with Instrument Standards, Training of Designated Flight Test Examiners (DFTEI's) and Company Check Pilots (CCP's). It provides the understanding of the criteria for an approach to be published and the knowledge to explain some important aspects of Approach Procedures. This training is also beneficial to individuals that are involved in the construction of examinations for instrument qualification and APL examinations, and accident investigation analysis when the cause of the mishap is procedural. The overall content of the course also provides an in-depth knowledge on how to correct or improve a published procedure, this providing a better service to the users and to the community.

The company is proud to have well-qualified and experienced staff. The instructors and designers have a sound knowledge of procedure design, instructional techniques and expertise in aviation in general. They have designed or verified over 1000 Instrument Approach Procedures and supervised over 500 procedure designs in training. As well, to add on to the procedure design expertise, the instructors have logged more than 19,000 hours on piston, jet and turboprop single and multi-engine aeroplane and piston and turbine single and multi-engine helicopters, domestic and international flights. They also have experience in Ab Initio training, check rides and all aspects of Flight Safety, System Safety, Quality Assurance, Program Development and Training the Trainers.

The company offers 5 distinct courses. The Initial course 3 weeks, the GPS course 2 weeks, the FMS course 2 weeks, the RNAV WAAS course 3 weeks and the RNAV Departure procedure course 1 week duration. The training is conducted at least once a year in Canada. Additional courses may be scheduled should the requirement exist. The training is portable and can be presented at the host country facilities.

The company has provided training for more than 150 candidates for the Initial, GPS, FMS and RNAV precision and Departure procedure courses in the past 5 years.

The company also provides expertise in PANS-OPS and other international standards. Should the requirements justify the needs, basic and GPS courses will be developed.

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